Stick with me here because we are about to go down a slippery conspiracy theory slide where Bigfoot is blamed for giving COVID to dozens of deer which ended up killing them.

Did Bigfoot Give COVID To Idaho Deer?

Is it possible that since Bigfoot is supposedly a missing link to the human race that he's able to get COVID? You bet he is, but his secretive lifestyle was something we hoped early on would protect him from infection. But, what if he isn't so secretive and actually frequents the places humans have been, touching the surfaces that may be covered with the COVID virus. Then there's a chance he did get the sickness.

That also means there's a chance he has passed that disease on to many other forest creatures, as we assume he's one with nature and can hang out with deer and squirrels if he wants to.

More Than 150 Deer Died In Idaho From A Mysterious Disease

Well, if he can get COVID and gets in close proximity to wildlife creatures, he could very well be the reason that more than 150 deer were recently found dead in Idaho due to some unknown disease. Did you know deer could carry the COVID virus? According to a study of deer in four states, 40 percent of them had antibodies for COVID. That means the deer had to have come into contact with the virus at some point. They don't hang around with humans so my next guess is Sasquatch.

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Granted, the deer in Idaho died of an 'unknown disease' so maybe it is COVID and they haven't tested yet. But if it were COVID do you think they would tell us?

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