Taco Bell has been changing things up lately and they are continuing to revamp their menu. It started at the beginning of the month with the return of nacho fries, followed up by a few weeks later when they introduced Cinnabon Delight coffee. With Taco Bell being one of the best at changing their menu and keeping their customers engaged, as well as taking in their input, they are at it again as they are bringing back another item.

Salsa Verde Returning to Taco Bell

Credit: Doris Morgan on Unsplash
Credit: Doris Morgan on Unsplash

Salsa verde was a popular sauce that many used at Taco Bell around the mid-2010s, but it was taken off the menu in 2016 and hasn't been seen since. That is about to change as Taco Bell is once again adding it to their menu, but with a slight twist. It will only be returning to the Milwaukee region, with the reintroduction of the salsa verde grilled chicken burrito. While this item will not be available in Twin Falls at the moment, the hope is that it will soon be nationwide.

Would You Use Salsa Verde if it Returned?


With many enjoying the salsa that Taco Bell once had, it will be interesting to see how it does this time around. If salsa verde does go back to being a national product, it would open up the versatility of their menu once more. The sauce adds flavor to their already delicious food, and being able to have it in your tacos, on your burritos, or to put in or on anything else would be a welcomed addition. 

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Taco Bell in Twin Falls is always busy, and with the evolving menu, it will continue to thrive here. Are you happy or indifferent about the possible return of salsa verde and will it make any difference on what you order and if you go? Here is to hoping that it will soon be available in Twin once again.

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