There is no such thing as too many food options, especially when it comes to tacos. Twin Falls is about to get a brand new taco truck that focuses only on tacos. And I can't wait.

The taco truck is called Tacos El Guey and the premise behind the food truck is to focus on tacos, and tacos only. There will be 5 different types of tacos on the truck and that is it. It has to be good when it is a specialty like that, right?

The owner's name is Katrina and she told me that the concept behind her 5 tacos is kind of inspired by In N Out, you make just a few things, but make them to die for. And judging by the menu, these tacos are going to be to die for.

On the menu will be Asada tacos, Carnita, Chicken tacos, tacos queso birria, and potato tacos. I honestly don't know what all goes on a potato taco but I definitely need it in my life.

Katrina has lived in the area for 25 years and is from Fresno and she is bringing that delicious flavor for all of us to enjoy. We aren't sure exactly when the taco truck will be up and running but the general hope, barring any complications, is the truck should be up and running by the end of next month. Fingers crossed.

We will keep you updated as the opening date gets closer.

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