If you have recently moved to Twin Falls, or have lived in your home for a long period of time without getting to know your neighbors, the Idaho State Police keeps a public record of those that have been found guilty of various crimes of a sexual nature.

Today was the first time I've researched the city of Twin Falls' current sex offender records since I left my old neighborhood nearly two years ago. Prior to leaving my old rental in 2019, and buying a place of our own a few blocks away, I was relatively aware of the criminal element that resided near me. I'll admit, with November of this year marking two years of home ownership for my wife and I in our new home, I never bothered to see how safe our neighborhood currently is from those who have committed such acts.

If you have ever wondered what the situation is in Twin Falls relating to the number of registered sex offenders, the records are available for you to view anytime. The Idaho State Police keeps these files available for public viewing. It lists the names of the individuals, current addresses, photographs and information on whether or not they've been compliant with the conditions of their required dealings with city law enforcement.

These records should in no way be used to harass, intimidate, confront, or violate the privacy of those listed in these records, but instead to use for personal knowledge for area residents. There are presently 14 pages on file with the ISP, totaling 205 names.

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