Southern Idaho real estate is amazing. The creativity and craftsmanship that goes into so many homes is remarkable. I love going through Zillow and Realtor websites to see the houses that are for sale, but I usually only look in Twin Falls. Because of my narrow-minded search I’ve been missing out on some amazing properties in the surrounding towns.

Kimberly Mansion has a Beautiful Pool, Hot Tub, and 9 Garage Spaces

I’ve opened up my search over the last week to see what other cities have to offer and I found an amazing, and massive, place for sale in Hagerman with a $21 million price tag. You can check out pictures of that one in a gallery at the bottom of this story. First, we have to get to this mansion in Kimberly that comes with a pool and spa, 9 garage spaces, solar power, and priceless views.

Beautiful Kimberly Mansion For Sale With Pool

Check out this mansion in Kimberly that comes with a pool and spa, 9 garage spaces, solar power, and priceless views.

Impressive Real Estate In Southern Idaho

There are some extremely large houses in Southern Idaho and they usually come with big price tags and sit on the market for months. This one in Kimberly was just posted last week. Some mansions in the area sat on the market for such a long time that we made a gallery out of them.

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Maybe it wasn’t that nobody wanted them and maybe more because we don’t have millions of dollars laying around to spend on houses.

This Southern Idaho House Is $21 Million

The house in Hagerman is a huge 5,000 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 5 baths but the impressive house isn’t what makes the property so valuable.

'The One' California Mansion Listed For $295 Million

This mega-mansion was once valued at $500 million (yes, half a billion dollars), so the current listing price is a massive $205 million drop.

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