Police in Shoshone have a new tool to help them fight crime and keep their K-9 companions safe during emergencies. The helpful system is called the Ace K9 Hot-N-Pop. The system has benefits for both the dog and the human officer. The new technology in their K-9 unit vehicle allows the officer to press a button to open the squad car door and release the dog. This is beneficial in times when the police officer requires canine assistance but is unable to get to the car and open the door in person. The Shoshone Police Department has posted videos on their Facebook page of the system in action.

The other benefit of the Ace K9 Hot-N-Pop system is for the safety of the dog. We are all aware of the dangers of leaving pets in a hot car and the Hot-N-Pop also has a heat alarm system. The system will monitor the interior temperature of the vehicle and institute safety features when needed to cool the interior and animal. According to the Shoshone Police, the Ace will roll down windows, turn on a high powered fan aimed at the dog, turn on emergency lights and siren, and page police officer. The system will continue in that mode until the door is opened.

In other cool police-tech news, a less painful replacement for a Taser gun is being produced. The Bolawrap shoots out an 8 foot cord that wraps around the bad guy like a lasso or a Spiderman web. It has small hooks on the end to ensure that the wrap stays tight even if the suspect struggles.

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