UPDATE: Lagoon has announced that the 'Primordial' coaster will be ready in the spring and it will be unlike anything riders have ever experienced. In a recent Facebook post, Lagoon shared a video that hints at a dragon theme for the new interactive ride. It looks awesome! You can see the new video here and check out the construction pictures below.

Lagoon Officially Calls Their New Roller Coaster Primordial

The newest roller coaster at Lagoon Amusement Park has been under construction since 2018 and because of the delayed finish date, fans have had years to speculate and dream about the finished product.

New Rollercoaster at Lagoon Looks Massive and Amazing in Recent Pictures

Lagoon is being pretty secretive about the new coaster, but they can’t hide the construction as it progresses. Recent work and additions are showing some interesting features and leading people to believe that this will be the most high-tech roller coaster at the amusement park. Check it out in the pictures below:

Construction Progress on New Lagoon Roller Coaster

The newest roller coaster at Lagoon has been under construction since 2018 and because of the delays, fans have had years to speculate. Check out the current status of the ride.

The New Primordial Rollercoaster at Lagoon Looks Awesome

While there is a lot of speculation about the new roller coaster, including the name, here’s what we do know after a recent conversation with a Lagoon spokesperson, we can stop calling it Primordial because that will most likely not be the actual name. Lagoon has trademarked 4 other names to use for the ride, once it is finished they’ll choose the one that fits best. We also know that the ride is not as tall as Cannibal but covers a larger area of land. And most importantly, we know that the ride could be finished in time for the 2023 season. Not necessarily at the beginning of the season, but before the end of 2023, we could be riding the new coaster.

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As far as speculation, the fan favorite now that more construction has been finalized and the bones of the ride can be seen, is that this will be an interactive roller coaster. Some think that there will be projection or digital screens inside the mountain where riders will use game guns to shoot at enemies or attackers shown on the screens. That makes the ride sound like a larger-than-life video game, which is fine by me.
Speaking of new construction, check out what they are doing at Roaring Springs.

New Construction At Roaring Springs

The new construction at Roaring Springs will come in 7 phases, with the first phase to be finished in 2023. The new phases will add more waterslides, water attractions, food options, parking, and cabanas.

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