Each year is different in Twin Falls as far as where you need to go to get candy on Halloween and celebrate the holiday, but there are a few staple houses and events you can’t miss.

The Pahsimeroi house is a definite place to go on Halloween. This family constructs a legit haunted house adventure in their yard for people to enjoy (or cry their way through in fear) on Halloween. Many local churches also hold Trunk-or-Treat events which are a great way to show off your costume and get loads of candy.

But, there is one house in Twin Falls that people talk about weeks in advance. The house by the temple (directions to get there are here) puts on a show every year with a different theme each time. They have done Disney, Pirates, Harry Potter, and many others that I missed and if you go on Halloween this year, you’ll miss it too.

Why is the House by the Temple Not Doing a Halloween Show?

You’ll only miss it on Halloween though because they aren’t doing the presentation on Halloween. Instead, they will be doing it on Saturday the 28th from 5 to 9 PM. Now, before you get upset that they would do this and claim that they are ruining Halloween - remember they are all volunteers who put in hours away from their families or kids and not doing the trick-or-treating that you get to do. This way they get to entertain you for a night and spend time with their families on Halloween.

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Credit N8 Bird
Credit N8 Bird

Them doing the presentation on a Saturday will not change the amount of candy you and your kids get on Halloween. It may, in fact, allow you to get more candy because you won’t have to wait in line and spend as much time at their house. If you just want to see the decorations and pirate ship, but not the actors, the ship is already set up in the yard.

Credit N8 Bird
Credit N8 Bird

Where Should You Trick or Treat in Twin Falls

The northeast area of Twin Falls is historically a great place to do your trick-or-treating, the Pahsimeroi house is over there, but there are a lot of other houses handing out candy and displaying amazing Halloween decorations. You can check the Halloween Treat Map for locations and add your house if you are one of those hoping to hand out candy to a bunch of kids this year.

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FYI - Twin Falls isn't the only place that gets a Pirate Ship house on Halloween. This one on social media is pretty awesome too.

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