Hopefully, you enjoyed the nice weather over the last few days in Southern Idaho, because everything will change starting today. A severe storm risk advisory has been issued in the Magic Valley and other parts of Southern Idaho have multiple weather warnings and alerts.

Severe Storm Risk A Real Possibility For The Magic Valley Today

The weather forecast through the middle of next week shows rain and wind with significantly cooler temperatures all across Southern Idaho. Twin Falls, Pocatello, and even further north to Stanley have warnings of a severe storm risk. The Weather Channel says there is a marginal risk of severe weather today. Twin Falls should expect to start seeing more extreme weather this evening around 8 with thunderstorms likely until after 9. More rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast for Friday afternoon in the Magic Valley.

The KMVT weather forecast warns of possible hail, lightning, gusty winds, and heavy downpour at times in these thunderstorms.

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Pocatello has 6 weather advisories listed by the National Weather Service. These include various flood warnings and the risk of severe weather. The possibility of more rain and the continued snow melt may lead to excessive flooding in Pocatello, Malad City, McCammon, and other sections of Bannock County. These flood warnings are in place until further notice is given.

Flooding is an issue across much of Idaho. The flood watch for Stanley warns of flooding from the rain and snowmelt in areas of central, eastern, and southeast Idaho through Sunday afternoon.

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