This is becoming a trend in the Magic Valley, and I’m not going to complain because it actually works pretty well for most of us. After another weekend of beautiful weather, rain and snow are expected to hit us in the Magic Valley this week. That also means the temperatures are going to be dropping.

Twin Falls Weather Forecast

If you haven’t stepped outside yet today or didn’t go on an outdoor adventure over the weekend, do it now. The sun is still shining (as long as you are reading this around when I’m publishing it) and there isn’t any wind to ruin the day. That will all change starting this afternoon.

Credit Weather Channel
Credit Weather Channel

We’ll stick around in the low 60s for a temperature until 6 and then once night falls it’s all low 40s overnight. The real kicker will be that when you wake up and the sun rises, it will start getting colder. The high temp for Tuesday is right around where the low temp hits tonight. The chance for rain and snow happens Tuesday morning between 7 and 9. There aren’t any expectations for accumulation, but seeing snowflakes outside in the morning will either make you feel giddy like a child or angry like a Grinch. The precipitation won't be life-altering, or probably even affect your morning commute, but that won't keep people from complaining about it.

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After the cooldown on Tuesday, the temperatures stick to the upper 40s until Friday when the high is 55. The weekend follows the previous 2 as the weather looks amazing on Saturday and Sunday. Do you see the trend? And are you OK with mediocre weekday weather if it means we get good weekends?

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