The entire week leading up to Memorial Day will bring chances of thunderstorms and severe weather. High winds, heavy rain, and even small hail could fall during the week and into the Memorial Day weekend.

UPDATE: The weather alert for Southern Idaho now includes Flood Advisory from Wednesday evening until 3 PM Friday.

Warning: Severe Storm Risk Looming For Southern Idaho This Week

Twin Falls has a Severe Storm Risk warning posted on the Weather Channel website. This means there is a marginal risk of severe weather today. Local KMVT weather team member Heatherann Wagner says we’ll have an active afternoon and evening of developing strong storms that could bring up to 1 inch of rainfall per hour. Small hail can be expected with frequent lightning during the storm and winds up to 50 miles per hour. The same conditions are expected to repeat on Wednesday afternoon.

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After Wednesday, the Weather Channel shows a smaller chance for rain and thunderstorms on Thursday and then Friday will be mostly cloudy with thunderstorms and the highest percentage chance of rain this week. Saturday will be partly cloudy and then Sunday, again, the possibility of thunderstorms returns in the afternoon.
Monday, Memorial Day, does look to be good weather with only a slight chance of rain and a pleasant 76 degrees for the high.

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Pocatello continues to have multiple River Flood Warnings along with the same Severe Storm Risk as Twin Falls and other parts of Southern Idaho. Further north in the Stanley areas, River Flood Warnings remain in effect.

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