The wind advisory for Friday was no joke. The winds were insane, knocking down trees and knocking out power in parts of the Magic Valley. The snow came in thick and melted fast causing giant puddles all around town. There was even damage to many buildings.

LOOK: Part Of This Historic Twin Falls Building Damaged During Wind Storm

I was driving through Downtown Twin Falls this morning a little before 8 and saw that part of one of the old buildings had come crashing to the ground. There was rubble covering the sidewalk and strewn into the road. You can see pictures of the damage in the gallery below and find out what the City of Twin Falls is doing to make the area safe.

Ancient Twin Falls Building Damaged During Storm

A large section of old brick and mortar came loose and crashed to the sidewalk and street below on Main Ave in Twin Falls on March 10, 2023.

The building has been vacant for a number of years and the current owner lives out of state. The damage probably wasn’t caused by the storm as the section of brick and mortar fell to the ground before the wind started. It could have been due to the quality of materials and that regulations for construction were much different when the building went up. Though the timing of the damage with the storm is convenient. A Twin Falls building official I met at the site, who thankfully arrived just minutes after the damage was reported, pointed out that over time the mortar can become more like chalk and inefficient at holding the bricks in place. He believes the building will most likely be torn down now for safety reasons.

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The city has blocked off the area and advises everyone to stay clear of the area in case more rubble comes loose. This building is adjacent to the location of the Radio Rondevoo Event Center which burned to the ground last year.

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