My wife saw this cart on the road in Twin Falls this week and seemed really excited about it. The cart, or rather super awesome bike, is the Sip n' Cycle party bike. I remember hearing about this last year but never saw it around town. The company has been hibernating for the winter but now that the weather is getting better, they are ready to get you outdoors with your friends and drinking. Not necessarily alcohol though.

The Sip n' Cycle party bike will hit the streets of Twin Falls again in May and if you book a ride in advance, you'll save $100. Normally the drinking adventure costs $300 and can accommodate up to 15 riders at a time. So, normally if you gather a big enough group of friends it would only run you $20 per person. If you book in advance now, you'll only pay about $13 per person.

On the ride the driver guide will take you around town to cool locations while you listen to music and talk. The ride is a BYOB (bring your own beverages) and those beverages can be alcohol, water, or soda if you prefer. Glass containers are not allowed and only snacks can be brought on the bike if you want food.

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Opening day for the Sip n' Cycle is May 1st, 2021.

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