There’s a new weather advisory from the National Weather Service for Southern Idaho which will affect the outdoor air quality through Friday.

Southern Idaho Will Experience Varying Levels Of Air Stagnation Through Friday

The Air Stagnation Advisory issued by the National Weather Service warns of air quality issues in parts of Southern Idaho and Oregon. The advisory will be in effect until 1 PM on Friday, but the advisory could be extended depending on weather conditions.

Normally we complain about the wind in Idaho, but when there isn’t any wind there are certain pollutants that stick around close to the ground that can be dangerous to breathe. The Department of Environmental Quality uses six criteria for pollutants to determine air quality and has six levels of concern based on the pollutants in the air at any time.

New Air Stagnation Advisory Issued For Southern Idaho Through Friday

The Air Stagnation Advisory can be found on the Weather Channel website where they clarify that their air condition advisory is based on meteorological conditions and is not based on any information from the DEQ. The DEQ website lists the air quality index as good for all parts of Southern Idaho except the Pocatello area. That information could also change as air quality changes over the next few days.

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When air stagnation does happen, the recommendation is that residents stay indoors and reduce or eliminate activities that contribute to air pollution. That recommendation also includes fires in home fireplaces, which could be an issue for many as the temperatures look to remain near or below freezing for the week.

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