I knew it! I don't eat veggies - they are gross and therefore not worth eating. Turns out there is another reason to shun the healthy greens. The CDC just released the results of a study on the foods that caused the most illnesses between 1998 and 2008.  And more people got food-borne sicknesses like food poisoning from leafy greens than any other food. Leafy greens accounted for 23% of the illnesses.  Dairy products were next, at 14%.  When you look at illnesses where someone was hospitalized, dairy came in first, leafy greens were second, and poultry was third. And when you look at people who died from illnesses caused by food, poultry was first, mostly because of salmonella.  Dairy was second. In other words, as I see it, a spinach salad with chicken and a little cheese on top is death on a plate. The CDC disagrees.  They say, quote, "The vast majority of meals are safe.  So don't let the numbers keep you from eating vegetables.  Eating them is so important to a healthy diet.  They reduce risk of heart attacks, stroke, and cancer."

Whatever - enjoy your healthy green smoothie of death.


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