Being honest here, I thought this was a sleepover for the kids where they bring their stuffed animals and I thought that was a terrible idea. Luckily I was wrong - and this event really sounds great for young kids and their stuffed animal friends.

So, Friday the 19th you drop off the stuffed animal and the library staff document the shenanigans and fun over the night and then your kid can pick up their stuffed friend the next morning and get photos of all that happened at the library.

The only real issue I can see is that there is no way my youngest daughter is going to leave her favorite stuffed animal (his name is Giraffy...he's a giraffe) at the library. She wouldn't be able to sleep. Maybe we can send her next favorite and he can have the adventure.

Don't miss out on the free movies at the library this month - they are showing Max 2, Harry Potter, and Lego Ninjago.

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