My name is Nate and I like food. I'm sure you could insert your name in that sentence too and it would fit perfectly. Not only is food good but we need it to survive so many of us eat frequently to stay alive. I know, real eye opening so far here. But now that the obvious is out of the way let's use our need, and love, of food to justify all the garbage we are going to eat this weekend. Super Bowl Sunday means different things for each person. We have a poll going on right now to see what your favorite part about the Super Bowl parties is. Currently, the best part about a Super Bowl party is the food, followed by the social interaction, and then the game.

I don't really care for watching the game, so I go to the parties to hang out with friends and eat loads of fried foods. The website Bid-On-Equipment (not sure what inspired the used heavy machinery company to get in on the Super Bowl Food debate) crunched Google AdWords numbers to find the favorite food to eat at Super Bowl parties in each state. For Idahoans, we eat a lot of Seven-Layer dip.

Super Bowl Foods credit Bid-On-Equipment
Super Bowl Foods credit Bid-On-Equipment

Chip dips actually seemed to dominate the answers across the United States. The only food that had more votes was cocktail weenies. Like I said before, I'm in it for the deep fried foods. Our friend always has the deep fryer heated and ready for cheese sticks, french fries, scones, and other deep-fryable options.

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