With school starting in just over a month from now, August 19th doesn't seem very far away for many parents. The uncertainty of the pandemic is making it hard for parents and the school district to take any real action for the upcoming school year. No one knows what will be happening with the virus in the next few weeks. What we can do is make a plan for the different scenarios that may occur and follow those plans accordingly. The Twin Falls School District has announced their plan in the form of the Operational COVID Protocol. This protocol comes in four levels of designation based on the levels of community spread coronavirus at the time. Which designation the school district will start with for the upcoming year won't be decided until August 10th.

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The designation levels are color coded starting with green if school is running as normal to red if the number of COVID-19 cases becomes extreme and school is forced to continue as the end of last year. There are obviously a lot of variables and the protocol goes into great depth for pretty much any scenario possible. Check out the full protocol on the school district website.

Once you familiarize yourself with the protocols you can submit your thoughts or concerns to the school district through their feedback form.

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