Last week the Twin Falls School District sent out a survey to faculty members and parents of kids in school in regards to making changes to the attendance schedule for Monday classes. The school district was looking for input on the best way to proceed as teachers are becoming overwhelmed with work as they prepare for online and in-school classes. The TFSD released the results of the survey on the District website and for the most part it looks like everyone would prefer a shortened day or online classes. The only exception in the survey was with parents of kids in Elementary school. Those parents would prefer classes remain as they are with the hour early release.

TFSD Monday Change Survey Results

The majority of teachers and faculty in the Middle School and High Schools would prefer to have Monday be an online day while with parents it was almost a straight cut down the middle. In the Elementary schools the staff and parents are not as fond of online school for this age of kids, but teachers would prefer a half day and parents would prefer the schedule stay as it is.

I took the survey and even though my choices don't fully coincide with the majority, I would prefer to have classes follow suit to the preference of the staff. If the reason we are looking to make a change is to ease the burden on teachers and they think online classes or a half day would benefit them the most, I'd be happy to do that.

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The District hasn't made an official announcement on plans for the future. The survey results are just to give them an idea of how to proceed.

TFSD Monday Class Change Survey Results

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