Some days I love the internet because people are ridiculous. Sometimes ridiculous means hilarious and other days it makes you question how humans have survived for as long as we have.

Do The Other States Really Think Idaho Is Lame

Today the ridiculousness was funny. In a graphic posted on social media, posted by Matt Shirley who we’ve written about before, the results of a question were posted in the form of a map of the United States. The question asked was ‘what’s the best attraction in every state’, and for Idaho, the answer was ‘Nothing’.

Are There No Good Attractions In Idaho

The answer is funny to me because it really shows how little the rest of the world knows about Idaho. Some people would love to keep it that way and will encourage others to believe that there is indeed nothing to do in Idaho. But the truth is, that Idaho is full of cool places to visit and things to do. They aren’t all winners though. The Potato Museum in Blackfoot really does sound dull and I’ve even argued before that the great National Preserve Craters of the Moon is a waste of time. But that doesn’t mean there is ‘Nothing’ cool in our state.

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We have the obviously awesome, when the water is flowing, Shoshone Falls which gets visits from people from around the world. The tiny Statue of Liberty is pretty cool up at Lake Pend Orielle, and even if you’re underwhelmed by the statue you are still at Lake Pend Orielle which is a still win. I’m not going to get into all the great attractions we have in Idaho because some of you won’t believe me and the rest of you already know.

What States Have Nothing Cool To Do When You Visit

If you feel a little attacked that the internet trolls think there’s nothing to do in Idaho - we aren’t the only ones. On the map, you can see that there are 5 states who were deemed as lame with no attractions worth visiting.

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