You know that sound that hits you when you walk into the mall at Christmas time? It's like crazy noise and the occasional Christmas tune that you can almost pick out of the mayhem.

Apparently that is actually the true sound of Christmas. If you play a bunch of famous Christmas songs at the same time - as done in the video above - it sounds just like a mall visit or a big Christmas party. As I was listening to it I found it pretty cool that every once in a while there would be a note or a voice that really sticks out and is recognizable. Like really close to the beginning you can hear Frosty say 'Happy Birthday', at 1:40 you can hear someone singing 'Hark Now Hear The Angels Sing', and I'm pretty sure that is Celine Dion that stands out loudly at 3 minutes.

Can you pick out any specific songs in the Chaos Carol?