If you love watching BASE jumpers on the Perrine Bridge, you're gonna love what some skiers just did at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

When GoPro does something, they tend to go to extremes. That was definitely the case for Marshall Miller's birthday. If you don't know who Marshall Miller is, he's a rather adventurous soul. If he had his way, he'd probably have preferred to be born with wings.

According to their YouTube share, GoPro took Marshall and some other jumpers to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You know it's going to get good when you see them go through the gate that says "Whatever you do, don't go through this gate". OK, so it probably doesn't say that, but it should.

Just past the 1 minute mark of the video, you'll see why that gate was there in the first place. It was meant to keep normal people from flying off the side of a cliff. Fortunately, the GoPro guys aren't normal people. It's also a good thing that the GoPro dudes were equipped with very good parachutes.

We are fortunate to watch some of the world's best BASE jumpers leap off the Perrine Bridge. But, we rarely see them do it with skis on. You are welcome.

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