In mid-May, I posted a video to show how bored people were during the pandemic. The video featured footage of Idaho in a truck-driving simulator-style video game. I made fun of it that someone would actually play that game yet I watched it, so who should I judge there? Honestly, it was actually interesting and the highlight of that video had to have been the appearance of a very Back To The Future-looking DeLorean car at an Idaho stoplight. I was pretty impressed with how real some aspects of the game are, light waiting at traffic lights and dealing with other traffic. That video was supposedly representing a location in northern Idaho. This newest video of American Truck Simulator will be a lot more recognizable since it features the streets of Twin Falls, Idaho.

That is awesome. Although it isn't a perfect representation of our city, it does feel like driving around Twin Falls. Many intersections and buildings are recognizable, though not always in their real-life location. You see a CSI sign and a billboard pimping potatoes. The intro is a really cool shot of the Perrine Bridge with an interesting sight: As the video pans around the bridge you can see the Snake River moving below and vehicles crossing the bridge are also in action but the few BASE jumpers or para-gliders are stuck in some sort of slow motion action just below the bridge.

American Truck Simulator: Twin Falls

Big thanks to Doc Holliday, who used to work with us here at the radio station, for posting this video and sharing it with us.

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