It won’t be long in Idaho before the air is filled with a haze from wildfires in our state and around us. It happens every year and many of the fires are due to human negligence.

Even if you want to have a burn pile in your yard in Twin Falls you have to be careful. Normally you also need a burn permit from the city, but there are times when a burn permit isn’t necessary if you plan on having a fire on your property.

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Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash
Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

The need for a burn permit in Twin Falls depends on the size of the fire you’ll be making and what you’ll be burning in that fire. According to the city rules, if you want a small fire for cooking hot dogs or marshmallows you don’t need a burn permit. If you plan on burning yard debris you’ll need a burn permit and there are rules for what you can burn. The burn permits are free and valid for the entire year they are issued.

Twin Falls Burn Permit Rules

Fires must burn only between 8 AM and 7 PM and be supervised at all times. The fire can’t be a nuisance to neighbors and you can’t burn ‘tree stumps, bones, rags, rubber, petroleum products, plastics, asphalt or composition roofing, tar, tar paper, or paints’.

Be aware also that just having a burn permit doesn’t give you the right to burn anything you want and whenever you want. Your burn permit can be revoked if you don’t follow rules or burn during dangerous weather conditions. Twin Falls local ordinance 196: Part 4-4-6 states:

The fire chief, assistant chief, fire officer, or fire marshal has the authority to require that open burning be immediately discontinued (even if a valid permit has been issued) if smoke from burning becomes a nuisance or creates a hazardous condition or if a regional burn ban has been declared by a fire management agency or DEQ.

If you violate the rules of the burn permit it is considered a misdemeanor crime.

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