Maybe it’s time to close Yellowstone National Park again as some tourists are clearly not ready for the responsibility that comes with a visit.

Elderly Tourists Get Too Close To Yellowstone Bison

In the latest video out of Yellowstone National Park showing us how to improperly beehive around wildlife, a pair of massive bison can be seen battling in the street. A few moments into the video an elderly appears around the corner of a car only a few feet from the brawl. They are yelled at by other more perceptive tourists to get away from the bison and you can see them sheepishly back away as they realize their mistake.

These two bison are clearly ready to fight and if their attention had turned to the elderly couple it could have ended in tragedy.

Woman Gored By Yellowstone Bison

When these incidents happen and everyone walks away safely it’s easy to say that we are overreacting, but there are enough times when it doesn’t end safely that we know to not get too comfortable around wildlife. A few months ago, in June, a woman was gored by a bison and the attack was so brutal that we were initially informed that the woman had died. Just days later another video was released of a bison attack where a small child was almost the victim.

Recommendations at National Parks in regards to wildlife state that visitors should stay at least 25 yards away from bison and other large mammals. For predators like bears and wolves, the recommended distance is 100 yards.

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