As the citizens of Italy continued to endure a national lockdown during the coronavirus emergency, one Queen fan in Rome took the opportunity to entertain his neighbors from his balcony.

Marco Di Marco, who runs a YouTube channel dedicated to Brian May, joined in with the new trend of community singalongs every evening, in a bid to keep everyone’s spirits up.

“During this terrible period, each day at 6PM, all the Italians play something on their balcony,” he said. “In Rome, in my condominium, we played ‘We Will Rock You’! Big hug all around the world!”

You can watch the performance below.

The evening ritual has involved songs from different genres all across Italy. Earlier this week, metal guitarist Enrico Monti received a lukewarm response after attempting to entertain his neighbors with a rendition of Slayer’s “Reign in Blood."

Italy is one of the hardest hit nations to date, with 31,506 cases confirmed, 2,503 deaths and 2,941 recoveries confirmed at time of writing. A total of 26,062 cases remain active, though 92 percent of those involve mild versions of the virus. The global total recently passed 200,000, with 8,270 deaths and 82,889 recoveries, with 94 percent of all cases reported to be mild.

Queen guitarist May encouraged fans to inform themselves about the dangers of coronavirus without resorting to panicked headlines. “There is so much false information out there,” he wrote on Instagram, sharing a link to an article. “Please read. … It will take you 30 minutes or so to absorb it – but at the end you will truly understand why we must take extreme measures now."

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