I'm not going to say that Twin Falls is a perfect town. It is a great town and I love living here, but there are some things that could use a little TLC. We know that sometimes it doesn't take a lot to make something that was lacking before to become something amazing. Look at Downtown Twin Falls: main street used to look old and it wasn't worth heading down there on a weeknight after 6 PM. Now the whole place is bustling with activity. There are new businesses, buildings, and restaurants. The whole street looks like it got a makeover. We also know that painting the street lines nicely by the City Park made a big difference in our acceptance of the lane changes a few years ago. But, Twin Falls still has some issues that could be fixed and maybe all it would take is the money to cover it.

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Recently the Idaho Lottery pots were massive and there was a lot of talk about the opportunities that much money would give to a winner. We even had an Idaho man recently win his 6th lottery jackpot. So, let's say you win a giant jackpot and have the desire in your heart to help our city become better - what would you choose to fix? Maybe you build that zip line across the canyon? You could probably spend everything on fixing potholes since those seem to be in abundance. Another thing that I've heard mention of of the new archway by the City Park. My mom actually even mentioned it on her last visit, she said 'Wait, did we just now get to Twin Falls?'. The archway is kind of confusing to visitors and would make more sense if it read 'Welcome to Downtown Twin Falls'. That's something money could fix.

What else do you think you would fix, or change, if you had millions of dollars to spend on the city?

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