After Titus and Kylee wrote their letters to Santa asking for gifts and telling him how good they've been, they sat down and wrote out their Christmas wish lists. Kylee is 6 and pretty easy to please this year with dolls and candy - Titus on the other hand wants the most expensive gifts I have ever heard of an 8 year old wanting! What kid asks for an iPad?!

After going over his list I told him that an iPad is expensive. He said, he has saved up some money (I checked - he has less than $5). So, I took him to the store to show him the iPads and the most expensive one was over $700! As we walked away he told me that was a lot of money and he didn't want an iPad anymore. I sighed in relief and asked him what he wanted now and he said "an iPhone."

I think he's going to be a little disappointed when he gets Lego's instead of electronics.

What are the crazy things your kids (or you) have asked for? Did you get it for them?