Valentine's Day is a terrible day. There are so many expectations and nobody can do everything perfect. Sure, for many the day ends with a smile but at what cost? How much hair did you lose trying to make the day perfect?!

This year it is even more hard because Valentine's is in the middle of the week. Great. Luckily we live in an awesome area and I can help alleviate some of the stress with a few date ideas that are cute and unique to Twin Falls. And if you are able to be flexible on the date (like celebrating over the weekend) there is a lot more to do.

Walk The Canyon Rim Trail

The pathway is in stellar shape now and if the weather is nice there isn't really a better view than when you walk along the canyon. There is even parking (that I just found out about) kitty corner from the LDS Temple where Pole Line curves into Eastland. This part of the trail takes you to the Evel Knievel jump site.

Picnic Under The Perrine Bridge (or near it)

This may not be the most romantic thing to do, but it does get you outside, near that beautiful canyon, and it is something you have probably never done. You can get under the bridge near the Twin Falls Visitor Center or from the Best Buy parking lot.

Cross Country Ski at Craters of the Moon

There are cross country ski activities often at the Craters of the Moon. As long as there is snow the events happen through February.

Hagerman Valley Bird Festival

The Hagerman Valley Bird Festival is the Friday after Valentine's Day but could be a really cool activity. Plus if you forget to plan something Wednesday you can fib and say you were waiting for this. PS - if you do celebrate Valentine's I don't really recommend lying about forgetting it.

Empty Bowls Fundraiser

Tuesday the 13th is the annual event. Enjoy gourmet soups, breads, and desserts fro a good cause.

Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show

The best way to show your love is by doing goods things for your fixing broken things at your home or renovating a room or yard that is in need. Or at least making plans to do the fixes. Plus this year Paul Brown will be there to appraise the value of your items. Maybe he can appraise the value of your love for each other? The show is the 16-18th of February.

Classic Movie Club at the Twin Falls Library

Classic movies are always fun to watch and the library event also gets you talking about the show. This Monday the 12th they are watching Marx Brothers film, Duck Soup.

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