We have been watching the price of gas climb over the last few months. It's turning into a sad game at the gas pump with my Yukon to see how close we are going to get to $100 on a fill up. I had a wild moment last week when the weather wasn't too hot and the smoke wasn't asphyxiating, so I walked home from work one day. It was nice. I do only live about a two minute drive from work, but it made me think that I should do that more often or ride a bike before the weather turns to rain and snow. I'm still driving my car, but the thought was there for a moment.

If you're feeling the pinch at the pump, or you want to enjoy the weather with a bike ride to and from work, there are some nice looking bikes for sale online. Some of them are even less than the price of a tank of gas (for me in my Yukon), so if you buy the bike and hate it you are only out a weeks' worth of gas. I also can't guarantee that riding a bike will make Blue Lakes any less infuriating during your commute.

Cool Bikes For Sale on Facebook Marketplace

If gas prices are killing the joy of your commute, maybe a non-gas powered bike would be a better fit right now?

All of these bikes are on the Facebook Marketplace. There are more listed at higher prices or bikes that didn't look as nice as the ones above, you can search for one that you like.

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You can also take it to the next level if you want to ride a bike but not have to deal with endurance or body strength. Electric bikes are becoming more popular and in some cases affordable. Wired has a list that ranges in price from just under $1,000 up to $6,500 for electric bikes.

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