The day of terror has arrived and you have no doubt been pranked at least once already and there are probably more pranks waiting right around the corner. Here at the radio station we've dealt with toilets taped shut, toilet paper taped closed, walls of clear plastic wrap, tables stacked on desks, and there are more that haven't been discovered yet. I'll write more about those tomorrow. I think I even got pranked by the farm animals by the radio station. I drove by and there are two horses under a tree and a chicken is in the tree above them. I have chickens and they are not agile nor good at flying. So, how in the world did that bird get up there?

I'll admit that I love pranks. I don't just do them on April Fool's Day - there are no safe days at the radio station! If we go longer than a week it makes us all warier that there is a big prank coming, so the small pranks make us feel a little safer. But, even though I love pranks I'm still on edge today too because not all pranks are funny. Some pranks are just funny to those who didn't get hit. I'm sure the two people who got clothes-lined by the plastic wrap today would agree.

Since not all pranks are funny I have a guaranteed laugh for you. A video of a chicken in pants. I know you may be skeptical that the video isn't what I say and that's a risk you'll have to take. But it really is a chicken in pants and it is hilarious!

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