So, there’s a new Netflix gameshow called, Bullsh*t The Gameshow. The show stars Howie Mandel as the host, and in the most recent episode (Season 1, Episode 8), the million-dollar question was about the Giant Potato Airbnb that we have here in Idaho.

The way the show works, is the more you correctly answer trivia questions, the more you earn money (up to $1,000,000). The catch is, only you know if you answered the question right or wrong. If you answer wrong, you have to convince a panel of future contestants that you chose the right answer. These 3 future contestants are playing against you and trying to tell if what you say is "bullsh*t" or not.

Here's the MILLION DOLLAR question... (can you answer it?)

"Currently accepting reservations on Airbnb, which of the following is an actual 'accommodation' that you can sleep inside on a weekend getaway?"
A. A 10,000-gallon hat in Austin
B. The belly of a whale in Maine
C. A giant potato in Idaho
D. A pair of fuzzy dice in Las Vegas

Keep scrolling for a complete play-by-play of what happened on the show, and also a list of 20 Idaho Jeopardy questions only a genius could get right.

Are You Smart Enough to Answer This Million Dollar Idaho Question?

Only A Genius Could Get All 20 of these Idaho Jeopardy Questions Right

Scroll to the final photo to see how many of these questions about Idaho that actually appeared on Jeopardy! you got right.

Peek Inside the Big Idaho Potato

You may be wondering, what kind of amenities come with a giant potato like this ... you know ... in the middle of nowhere? Surprisingly, this potato comes with all of the essentials, and then some. Here are a few photos of what the Big Idaho Potato looks like on the inside.

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