I’m loving the trend of buying old houses and giving them modern makeovers while still maintaining a good portion of the original look. I also love that the trend doesn’t only apply to old houses. You can jump on Airbnb and other home rental sites and find places that weren’t originally homes. One of my favorites is in northern Idaho.

Rent this Adorable Historic Train Car in Northern Idaho

I’ve actually already written about my favorite Airbnb rental in Idaho, back in 2020 when it first became available. But, we have to revisit the story because the owners have updated the rental listing with new pictures and historical information.

Check Out This Adorable Train Car Rental In Idaho

The Deary Train Car rental is an actual train car that ran between Idaho, Washington, and Montana between 1909 and 1955.

The Deary Train Car rental is an actual train car that ran between Idaho, Washington, and Montana between 1909 and 1955. The rental includes the entire train car and a covered porch with a beautiful view. Outdoor activities are available nearby for fishing in one of the nearby ponds, hiking, biking, and 4-wheeling.

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The train has room for 2 people and has one bedroom and one bathroom and, depending on the dates you choose, runs about $341 per night.

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