I know we just finished up Spring Break, but I’m ready for another vacation already. I spent the last vacation in Southern Utah near Cedar City where it snowed every morning and we did a lot of hiking, so I’m ready for a staycation that will be more chill and close to home. But not in my home.

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I have a little brother who will sometimes rent an Airbnb near his home just so he and his family can get out of their house and have a change of scenery. I haven’t done that yet, but I did look at options around Twin Falls that had relaxing features like hot tubs, pools, indoor theaters, and game rooms. That’s how I came across the most expensive Airbnb rental in Twin Falls and realized that I am too poor and will be staying at my own house. But you do need to see what this ridiculous Airbnb looks like.

What Makes this House the Most Expensive Airbnb in Twin Falls?

The Airbnb rental is on the Canyon Rim, so you’re going to be paying extra for that and it has a heated outdoor pool, hot tub, game room, and space for at least 16 people. Sounds pretty nice, but you’re going to need to go in with a few families to pay for it because it’s more than $800 per night.

Is this Airbnb in Twin Falls Worth $800 a Night?

The Canyon Rim Home on Airbnb has a heated pool, hot tub, game room in the garage, and 7 rooms for guests. It also has a nightly price of $835.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think the palace is worth the price. It does have features that are great for a vacation but the house itself looks pretty basic. The exterior isn’t very flashy with the brick and vinyl combo and the inside kind of looks like my grandma's house. But, 800 bucks is still better than the $2,000 per night for this one in Hailey, ID.

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Most Expensive Luxury Airbnb In Idaho

The Eagle Lake Estate Airbnb in Hailey has room for twelve guests in five bedrooms, sharing six bathrooms. Each night the rental is $2,000 plus taxes and hospitality fees.

Idaho's Second Most Expensive AirBnB Lodge

If you don't like fancy things that you will never be able to afford, you aren't going to like this post. If you like to live in a fantasy world where looking at expensive things somehow makes you feel better inside, then you'll love this post.

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