I think learning a new language is awesome - especially if work is paying for it! I speak both English and Spanish and I love that I am able to use my second language frequently here in Idaho. Like it or not - there are a lot of people in Idaho who only speak, prefer to speak, or mainly speak Spanish. So, to me it make sense that Idaho Police are given the option and opportunity to learn at least some basics in Spanish to help them in their job.

There were about 50 police officers in Boise who just wrapped up a 10 week course in conversational Spanish, according to KIVI. Some are saying that having police learn Spanish is controversial or even racist. I don't think so. The Hispanic population in Idaho is growing. Even in school we had to take a foreign language class (in my school you could choose between Spanish, French, and German) so why not give police that upper hand? Speaking Spanish, even just the basics, will help police in assisting Spanish speaking victims of crimes.

Do you think we'll see something like this in Twin Falls? Boise Police Officer Ed Moreno told KIVI that there are already plans for Twin Falls Officers to follow the program and follow suit with the Boise PD. Are there any other languages that you think would be helpful to police and citizens?

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