Maybe California is having a bigger effect on our communities than we would like to admit. We laughed when they started banning plastic straws in their restaurants, but now that has made its way to some Idaho restaurants like Blaze Pizza. Now, California is looking to ban the tiny single use bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion you would get from a hotel.

I'd like to make fun of the idea that you could make those tiny bottles illegal - but I actually agree, on a save-the-world level, that those little bottles are a massive waste. I don't know how a hotel and the patrons would function without those bottles though. You could put in dispensers for each room but I imagine that would lead to a lot of wasted product. You could require hotel customers to bring their own bottles of toiletries. Except that you can't even take big bottles of shampoo on planes.

The idea does seem like a good one but putting the ban into effect seems like a headache for hotels. The bill is working through California committees and if it passes, according to the San Francisco CBS affiliate, would still take a few years to take effect.

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