The story of the murdered children, JJ and Tylee, has captured national attention since it started back in late 2019. Through the twists and turns, lies, deception, and plain strange behavior of Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, and many of their family members. I've followed the story pretty closely and written a few blogs with updates about the case of the missing kids, but a new special from 20/20 still surprised me with information. It also raised a few more questions I hadn't thought of before.

The ABC 20/20 special is called 'The Gravedigger's Wife' and is somehow less than an hour and a half long and packed with surprising information and interviews. You can stream the episode from Hulu or ABC. Be warned though, there are a lot of other crazy crime stories in the series and you will probably get sucked into hours of crime-drama watching. Those are the bedtime stories in my house lately.

There have been a few network specials produced about this story including a six-part podcast from Dateline NBC called 'Mommy Doomsday', an Investigation Discovery series called 'Doomsday', and a few CBS 48 Hours episodes dedicated to the events.

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After watching, and while we were watching, my wife and I were looking up answers on Google to our questions about the story. We paused the show half a dozen times to try and make sense of the information. Even with our searches, there is just so much that isn't known about everything that happened.

If you don't have access to ABC shows or Hulu, they have uploaded The Gravedigger's Wife in segments to YouTube where you can watch them for free. The first five of those are available below:

Here's the whole show, not uploaded by ABC, you can watch as long as it doesn't get pulled down for copyright issues:

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