For some reason our political leaders thought that part of the latest coronavirus relief bill should include a stipulation on release of UFO information. I'm not sure how that ties in with our current pandemic but I'm also OK with it because the truth is out there and I want to know, Scully. The CIA has just released their information and it isn't a small read. They have more than 2 million pages of information on UFO sightings and reports. Unidentified Flying Objects are also referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and Anomalous Aerial Vehicles (AAV). The information doesn't necessarily prove the existence of aliens visiting Earth, just that there have been millions of pages worth of sightings that haven't been explained.

I have to admit that I didn't read through the millions of pages. Sure this is a pandemic and we have extra time at home, but not that much time. The pages are posted and accessible for those interested in a long read or you can wait for The Black Vault to finish their read and categorization of all the information. The files are in PDF form for each instance of UFO sighting and report so sorting through it all is quite the large task.

The document release could be huge news for Idaho. We have more reported UFO sightings per capita than any other state according to data on the Satellite Internet website. The number of UFO reports is rising lately as many people are confused when they see the string of lights as the Starlink Satellites run across the night sky. That's understandable since they really look weird.

Idaho Changes From Space

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