We haven't heard much about Lori Vallow or Chad Daybell since the remains of Tylee Ryan and JJ were found buried in Daybell's yard last year. The story of how police came to find the dead children took us all for a ride as mystery turned to horror between September 2019 and June of 2020.

During the months between the disappearance of the children and the finding of their bodies, a lot of questionable and weird stuff happened along with previous oddities brought to light. From Lori not reporting her children missing, taking a long vacation with Daybell to Hawaii while they were missing, assuring us that the kids were fine, and the whole backstory involving previous spouses and relatives dying unexpectedly made for a hard to follow and difficult to comprehend story. You can recap all that we know and learned over those 9 months about Vallow and Daybell in our previous stories. Neither Daybell or Vallow have been charged in the deaths of the kids but are being held on other charges.

You can listen to the trailer for the podcast in the link above or on Twitter. The first two episodes will be released on Tuesday, February 16, 2021. The final four will then be released once each following week according to KTVB.

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