I took a spring break vacation with my family to Southern Utah last week and stayed in a very normal Airbnb cabin rental. But while searching for a place to stay, I came across a lot of really weird rentals that were in odd locations or had strange features. When I got back I decided to find the strangest options in Idaho, and Idaho does not disappoint.

PICTURES: 11 Unusual Airbnb Rentals in Idaho That You Have to See

When I looked for my rental, I searched for cabins, but you can search for any keyword to see what pops up. To find the weirdest Airbnb rentals in Idaho I didn’t use keywords because I didn’t want to miss any of the good ones, so I looked through hundreds of postings to find these 11 strange gem rentals in Idaho. This gallery doesn’t include the beautifully restored train car you can rent or the old Idaho potato rental since we already wrote about those and you can see them in galleries at the end of this story.

These 11 Extremely Unusual Airbnb Rentals in Idaho are View Worthy

I get the allure of odd construction, but who is actually renting these places for their vacation home base?
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I get the allure of an odd structure, but who is actually renting these places for their vacation home base? I like to look at the pictures, but when I ultimately choose where to stay I pick the most normal and nicest place I can find…and afford.

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Listings on Airbnb rentals in Idaho will give you 15 pages of options if you leave all the filters open with no date preferences or price limits. This article is not an endorsement of Airbnb or an attempt to get you to rent from them. It’s just a bunch of weird places that people are renting out to strangers.

Beautiful Restored Train Car AirBnB Rental

I'll go ahead and say that this Idaho rental is better than the Idaho Potato rental.

8 More Of Idaho’s Most Unique Rentals

Idaho really is one of the coolest states you can live in...and it can be even cooler if you're looking for a place to stay during a vacation.

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