A recent viral video on TikTok appears to show dozens of live betta fish being found in the dumpster of a local pet store.

The video was posted by Kate, username ugckatehahn32, where she says this was her first dumpster dive experience and that words can’t describe how disgusted she is at what she found. The video has more than 16 million views after being posted only a few days ago on May 15th. In the video, you can see here picking up a few of the plastic containers, all of them with still-living betta fish and low water levels. She says the dumpster was at a Petsmart.

In the comments section of the video, there are thousands of comments from others who are outraged, and even a few from former Petsmart employees who say this does indeed happen.

Are Pet Fish Really Being Tossed Out At A Twin Falls Pet Store?

She does not specify in the video where the Petsmart is located, but she says it’s her local store and in many of her other videos you can see that she is from Twin Falls or nearby.

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In this video, she’s filming in the Snake River Canyon and you can see the Perrine Bridge in the background.

This isn't the first time live discarded fish have been found in Twin Falls. A few years ago my family found piles of rotting fish and live fish tossed on the side of a road near Centennial Park.

Discarded Fish at Centennial Park

Gross, rotting fish left near Centennial Park.

Directions To The Drops In Shoshone

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