It was less than a month ago that I was in the South Hills fishing at Lake Cleveland with my feet in the water to help me stay cool. Now, the area is covered in snow as winter is bullying its way into the year.

Pomerelle Just Got Their First Real Snow of the Season

Pomerelle Ski Resort is just around the corner of the mountain from Lake Cleveland and they are reporting that the first real snow has fallen for the year. In their Facebook posts, they first announced last night that they had been dusted, but that message changed this morning as they posted a picture of their new blanket of snow.

Obviously, ski enthusiasts are excited about the snow, even if it all melts before you read this article. The snow may melt, but it means that the real snow isn’t far off and ski season is almost here. Pomerelle also knows that the excitement is building and they are ready. They posted details on season pass purchases along with the picture of the snow. Smart move Pomerelle.

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Getting snow in the South Hills at this time of year isn’t uncommon. Pomerelle even got dusted about a month ago, on August 21st. Last year they announced their first snowfall on October 24th and the year before that they posted about getting dusted on September 20th. They haven’t announced an opening date yet, but they did announce an exciting new change: they are switching to RFID passes. The RFID cars will make it easier for guests to get straight to the slopes by skipping the ticket line, reserve rentals, and schedule lessons.

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