Here’s your daily proof that people will argue about anything online. Housing prices are high and finding a house can prove problematic in the Magic Valley, so you would think that someone posting a house for free would be a welcome action. Not if you look at the response to a recent post on Facebook.

credit Redfin
credit Redfin

In the Magic Valley Classifieds group on Facebook, Doug Koehn posted ‘Free to new location need house moved off my property !! great fixer upper !!’ with a picture of the house.

Credit Doug Koehn on Facebook
Credit Doug Koehn on Facebook

That post was flooded with responses, currently more than 60 of them, with opinions about it. Some suggest Koehn would be better off burning it to the ground, others claim that moving it would cost more than it is worth, and others seem to think that moving a house isn’t possible. One of the comments sums up the whole situation rather well, from Corey Deadmond:

I feel sorry for this guy all he wants is somebody to move the house and he's giving it to him and there's people giving mother advice on what to do I want to charging to tear it down

We’re with you, Corey. Koehn isn’t forcing anyone to take the house and isn’t asking for opinions on what to do with it. He just wants someone to take it. Imagine you post a couch for sale and you get bombarded with people telling you what to do with the couch rather than offering to buy or take it.

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If you are interested in a free house and are willing to do the work to get it moved to your desired location, it is located in Buhl and you can find the posting on Facebook. The house address is listed as 1883 E 4300 N, Buhl and you can also see it on Redfin.

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