Sometimes as I'm driving around and looking at houses I wonder what they look like inside. Then I park my car and look through their windows so I can see their rooms. Not really, but some houses I wish I could. You know there are some strange and awesome rooms and decorations inside some Idaho houses. My house is an example of 'not exactly what you see on the outside' since my house was originally a two bedroom with one bathroom home. Now, after years of additions and renovations, my house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a library, living room, and a playroom in the back. My house is weird because all the additional rooms are added onto the back so from the front it still looks like a small home. But my home is nothing spectacular, especially when compared to other Idaho homes with cooler (and more random) secrets. For example the mansion up in Meridian which, for some reason, has a 50's style diner built inside of it. The Fonz approves.

Idaho House With Built-In 50's Diner

I don't know why the homeowners decided on a diner for their room theme, nor do I know how often the room gets used or if it is just for 50's themed parties? Check out all the pictures of this house, it's for sale, on Zillow. Does your house have a weird quirky room or a really cool room that always surprises visitors?

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