If you've driven along I-84 from Twin Falls towards Pocatello or heading down to Utah, you have most likely seen the beautiful multi-level, red-brick mansion on the north side of the highway near Burley. The beautiful building stands out against the Idaho landscape with large white pillars and Georgian Colonial-style construction.

The house was placed up for sale and then purchased by a drug and alcohol treatment organization named Renaissance Ranch.

Renaissance Ranch Recovery In Idaho

The Renaissance Ranch facility in Idaho is a massive treatment center. There are four bedrooms and five bathrooms inside the 5,500 square-foot home. There is also a dry sauna, steam room, and a full gym. The recovery center helps men seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Renaissance Ranch Idaho Mansion

The Renaissance Ranch mansion in Idaho is a drug and alcohol recovery center.

There have been a few changes made to the interior of the building since it was listed on Zillow. The walls are now painted in different colors and the artwork is mainly uplifting and inspiring phrases. Renaissance Ranch uses a variety of medical and therapeutic methods to help heal along with a faith-based approach.

How Does Renaissance Ranch Approach The Addiction Healing Process

Other amenities at the facility include equestrian horse therapy, meditation grounds, and fun activities like archery, golf, and horseshoes.

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What Was The Idaho Renaissance Ranch Previously

Before it became an addiction treatment center, the Renaissance Ranch mansion was also known as the Elfsborg Manor. It sits at 312 S 950 W, Heyburn, ID.

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