I think I just realized that during the pandemic I have picked up a new hobby: looking at expensive real estate in Idaho. I have no intentions or the monetary means to buy a new house, but looking is free and there are some amazing places around our state. Even right here in Twin Falls we have some gorgeous houses that have been up for sale recently. My favorite in town is still the Spanish style mansion near the canyon, and it's also the most expensive house for sale in Twin Falls.

Looking at the whole state of Idaho, once again the most expensive on Realtor.com is my favorite. There is a mansion in Coeur d'Alene which was listed just two weeks ago for $27 million. Technically it is tied for most expensive since there's another $27 million home in Sagle, but the new one is more stunning. It's an 8,700 square foot home on the lake with a guest house bigger than many regular homes.

$27 Million Coeur d'Alene Mansion

The Copper Rock Estate on Lake Coeur d'Alene has its own private beach, dock, and a sizable guest house. It also comes with 30 acres of woodland and a shop with caretakers' quarters. Compare that to the most expensive house for sale in Twin Falls below. It's a different style with different appeal. Which do you like better?

Super Spanish Style House In Twin Falls

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