Today, August 19th, is National Potato Day and in Idaho potatoes are a big deal. What other state lets you have a license plate with a picture of a buttered baked potato on it? For this special holiday let's look at all the different ways you can prepare a potato to make it delicious and see which of all the various options is the favorite in Idaho. 

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Growing up, I remember my mom slicing potatoes and giving us a raw piece of the taters, we'd add a little salt and eat them. As an adult I prefer cooked potatoes but I do remember the small raw pieces being good as a kid. Maybe I just liked the memory of it because honestly I'd take a cooked french fry now. As much as I love french fries and mashed potatoes, my true favorite potatoes dish is cheesy funeral potatoes. Zippia put out a list of the favorite potato dish in each state and Idaho went with a solid choice, also a very basic choice.

Favorite Potato Dishes credit Zippia

The Zippia map claims our favorite potato dish is the baked potato and I'm not surprised. You can do a lot with a baked potato by adding just salt, pepper, and butter or doing a full potato bar with chili, bacon, sour cream, and other topping options. Across the US, french fries were the number one choice followed by mashed potatoes.

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