Idaho is a really interesting state. We know that tourism is an important part of a state making money but we really don't like it when people come and visit. Then we flaunt the beauty that this state holds within her borders in online videos and social media posts, then get upset that outsiders know her secrets. We are like a toddler right between snack and nap time and everything just irks us. It is a valid concern though since tourists in many locations have been known to cause unnecessary destruction when visiting local favorites. We treat it like it belongs to us and many of them don't care.

Southern Idaho Tourism is spilling even more of the beans in their rlatest video. That being said, there is no way to keep all this awesomeness secret forever. There's too much to contain. Even if none of us ever talked about the Pine area, Box Canyon or Blue Heart, or some of the secret place like the T-Cave north of Mammoth or The Drops. Even we are guilty of sharing secrets here at the radio station. Last week we posted about how great it is to kayak up to the Shoshone Falls.

Now with the coronavirus scare and nobody wanting to really travel, Visit Southern Idaho is encouraging tourists to stay stateside and come to the Gem State.

Idaho isn't just full of cool destinations for tourists; you can pretty much camp anywhere in this state. Last year Grand Adventure spotlighted some of the best RV and camping locations in Southern Idaho.

Looks like we all better just get used to more and more visitors coming to Idaho.

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