Only the well-traveled in Idaho or those who live in the same city will have heard of the oldest fast-food restaurant, and even fewer have probably been to it. The hidden burger joint in northern Idaho has been around for more than a century and has stellar reviews online.

You Have Definitely Never Heard Of Idaho's Oldest Fast Food Restaurant

In the far-north panhandle of Idaho sits the oldest fast-food restaurant in the state. Based on the pictures from Google Street View, if you visit the location you could easily drive past the restaurant and never even know it. The restaurant is Hudson’s Hamburgers, and they have been slinging burgers for 5 generations. The business started in 1907 in what looks like a barely standing structure with a canvas roof in a picture on the restaurant’s website.

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The restaurant is featured in a list of the oldest restaurants in each state on MSN, but the caption for the entry in Idaho calls it ‘one of Idaho’s oldest surviving restaurants’. There are definitely older sit-down restaurants in the Gem State, but Hudson’s Hamburgers is the oldest fast-food restaurant.

What Is The Oldest Restaurant In Idaho

When it comes to the actual oldest restaurant in Idaho, the honor goes to the Snake Pit in Enaville started serving food way back in 1880. Only in Your State has a longer list of old restaurants in Idaho, which does include Hudson’s Hamburgers and their famous Huddy Burger.

Credit Google Street
Credit Google Street

History Of Hudson’s Hamburgers In Idaho

Hudson’s started in 1907 as a food tent called the Missouri Kitchen. Now the small restaurant sits, hidden behind a tree, sandwiched between the Blackwell Gallery and a Century 21 real estate location on Sherman Ave in Coeur d’Alene.

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