I saw this picture on Saturday and ever since it has been blowing my mind that people are seeing it as completely different colors than I am! The picture comes from the Thoughts For Life Facebook page and shows a shoe which, to me, appears to be grey with a turquoise sole, laces, and stripe. The weird part is that every single person in my family who has seen the picture says it is a pink shoe with white laces and sole?!

Brains are weird and this is blowing mine. I have tried every way I can think of to see the shoe as pink, but I can't. I even took a screenshot of each color and zoomed in to see what colors are hidden in there and I still got grey and teal. Those colors are below so if you see the shoe as pink, these are the colors the rest of the world are seeing. The stripe color is on the left and the shoe color is on the right.

Shoe Colors Original Zoom

What color shoe do you see in the picture?

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